In 1991, the Tishomingo County School District and Iuka Special Municipal Separate School District were consolidated to form the Tishomingo County Special Municipal Separate School District.  The district serves 3266 students ranging from kindergarten through high school. In August of 2001, the Tishomingo County Special Municipal Separate School District became the first district in Mississippi to receive the Saxon Showcase Award for outstanding academic achievement.  In addition to the Saxon Award, for the 1999-2000 school year, our district also received the Value Added Award from the Program of Research and Evaluation of Public Schools (PREPS).  This award is presented to a school district that exemplifies outstanding gains in student achievement and extraordinary service to the students of their county.  This award was presented to the Tishomingo County School District for excelling beyond district and state expectations in nonreference testing.  The Tishomingo County Special Municipal Separate School District is proud of the accomplishments obtained during the past few years.  Not only are we proud from an organization perspective, we are primarily proud from a humanistic perspective.  We are proud to be able to assist students and their families by being an effective school district and broadening our responsibility as a school district.

Tishomingo County Special Municipal SSD
1620 Paul Edmondson Drive
Iuka, MS  38852
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Iuka Elementary School
1500 White House Road
Iuka, MS  38852
Website: Iuka Elementary School




Iuka Middle School
507 West Quitman Street
Iuka, MS  38852
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Tishomingo County High School
701 Highway 72
Iuka, MS  38852
Website: Tishomingo County High School

Northeast Mississippi Community College
101 Cunningham
Booneville, MS  38829
Toll-Free: 1-800-555-2154
Fax: 662-728-1165
Website: Northeast Mississippi Community College

Tishomingo County Career & Technical Center
1425 Hwy. 25
Tishomingo, MS 38873
Website: Tishomingo County Career & Technical Center