Historic Old Tishomingo County Courthouse

This beautiful building was built in its present day location at a cost of $6,749. The land was acquired in 1857 from Lemuel Hubbard, a Tishomingo County landowner. Mr. Hubbard is buried in the nearby historic Oak Grove Cemetery.

The building suffered a courthouse fire in 1886, which demolished its third floor and destroyed the interior of the two remaining floors. During the restoration process, a front room upstairs over W.J. Hyatt’s store house in the town of Iuka was rented for the sum of $8.33 per month which was designated as the courthouse of Tishomingo County. The sheriff’s office provided the furniture. Boards of supervisors named during this historical period were: Lindsey, Wynn, Barnett, May, Marlar, Brown, Wynn, Cobb, Goddard, and Clark.

The Courthouse reopened within its current form in 1889. L.M. Weathers, Savannah, Tennessee, was the architect. J. M. Stone, who later became Governor of Mississippi, was appointed commissioner to supervise work in building the courthouse. J.T. Weaver was awarded the contract for $7,785.35. Tishomingo Savings Institution, Corinth, Mississippi, bought bonds – total sum of $6,000, issued for 8% interest. E. L. Hammerly was awarded the contract to build the judge’s stand for the sum of $45.00. Many people’s lives were changed forever by the decisions made in the courtroom. The court held its first session in the Old Tishomingo County Courthouse in 1880. 

oldTCcourthouselg Courthouse Marker