Iuka Police Department

Chief Randy Stringer
118 S. Pearl St.
Iuka, MS 38852




The Iuka Police Department is located at 118 S. Pearl Street, Iuka, Mississippi and is led by Chief of Police Randy Stringer, a veteran law enforcement officer with approximately 28 years of service.Chief Stringer began his career in law enforcement in 1986 as a patrol officer with the Belmont Police Department, Belmont, Mississippi, under the leadership of Chief Roy Nunley.  Chief Stringer was hired by Iuka Police Department in 1989.  Beginning as a patrol officer, he worked his ay up to Assistant Police Chief under his predecessor, Amos Bates and was elected in a special election on April 18, 2000 to replace Bates, who retired.  Chief Stringer was again elected to fill this leadership role during the 2001 municipal election where he ran unopposed.

Beginning in 2004, Chief Stringer promoted two veteran Iuka City Police officers to the position of Captain to assist him in management and day-to-day operation of the department.  Those officers are Captain Anita Mitchell, day shift and Captain Chuck Dean, night shift.

In addition to these officers, Iuka Police Department is comprised of a full-time staff of state-certified and very capable police officers, communications officers, a school resource officer, a court clerk and a deputy-court clerk.  These police department employees are responsible for providing law enforcement and related public safety services to a community of over 3,000 citizens which live within an area of approximately 12 square miles.
The Mission of the Iuka Police Department is to maintain the public peace, safeguard the lives and property of it’s residents and to provide quality of life so these residents experience a sense of security and freedom in their daily lives and activities.  In order to achieve this, the Iuka Police Department will strive to maintain the capability to provide a superior level of law enforcement and related services which are appropriate and timely.  Specifically, the department will maintain a viable proactive organization which recognized and effectively response to current and future community needs by making maximum use of all available resources, personnel and technology.
In cooperation with the Iuka City Mayor and Board of Aldermen, the Iuka Police Department has met several goals of the department and hopes to accomplish several others in the near future.  Among the improvements are:

  1.  a completed firing range used for officer firearm training and certification

  2. the installation of an improved communications system which includes a repeater system to enhance radio service for the officers.

  3. the acquisition and continued certification of the National Crime Information Center computer service (NCIC) to allow retrieval of nationwide information on motor vehicles, licensed drivers, wanted persons, stolen property and criminal backgrounds, including registered sex offenders.

  4. the only entering/monitoring agency in Tishomingo County for the child locater program/AMBER ALERT which helps find missing/abducted children.

  5. the installation of state-of-the-art in-car video camera systems which include audio, video and night-vision capabilities.

  6. the acquisition of a computer game to be installed in the computers in Iuka Middle School and the Iuka Public Library which teaches children how to recognize and avoid Internet predators

  7. Continuing education and certification of all police department personnel.

Chief Randy Stringer and the members of the Iuka Police Department realize they must strive to keep up with the ever-changing needs of this community and will work tirelessly to see those needs are met today and in the future.