Iuka Fire Department

Chief Brianmod
Chief Brian Grissom

118 N. Pearl St.
Iuka, MS 38852


Mission Statement

“The desire to serve.  The courage to act. The ability to perform.”

The Iuka Fire Department operates as a combination fire department.  There is currently one fire station with 5 full-time, 5 part-time and 15 volunteer firemen.

The Iuka Fire Department has four main divisions:

Fire Suppression: Includes fighting fires and doing public service.

Emergency Medical Services: All full-time and part-time firefighters have EMS training.  Their responsibility is to provide emergency care in emergency situations until Iuka Ambulance Service arrives, then assist them as much as possible.

Fire Prevention: Includes making fire inspections of businesses, doing arson investigations and presenting fire prevention programs for schools and other organizations.

Training: Responsible for the ongoing training of firefighting and EMS.


The Iuka Fire Department was established in the early years of the city.  The department was made up of volunteers from the community.  The first apparatus was an A-Model Ford truck which was housed at the Jourdan Ford Motor Company.  John Lair was the Parts and Service Manager for the dealership and also served the City as the Fire Chief.  Mr. Lair was paid $10.00 per month by the city to keep the fire truck in good working order and was responsible for getting the apparatus to fires.  In May of 1947, the city purchased a new fire truck, a 1947 Ford which replaced the A-Model truck.

In October of 1962, John Lair resigned as Fire Chief.  The city hired R. C. Huston as the first full-time Fire Chief.  His responsibilities were to keep the fire truck in good working order, clean grass from around the fire hydrants and flush, oil and paint all hydrants.  His main responsibility was to activate the fire siren and get the truck to fire scenes.

At this time, a fire station was built at the back of Iuka City Hall, located on Front Street where General Dentistry is currently located.  In January of 1966, a second fireman was hired to assist the chief.  In February of 1969, fire phones were installed in the homes of volunteer firemen to alert them of fires and their location.  With this new system, our firemen could respond directly to the fire without having to come to the station first.

In June of 1971, a new and modern fire truck was purchased, a Chevrolet C-60 from Counce Chevrolet.  To accommodate this new truck, a second bay was added to the fire station.  In May of 1975, the city purchased a Chevrolet C-600 truck, also from Counce Chevrolet.  Each of these apparatus were equipped with a Howe apparatus bed and a 1,000 G.P.M. Waterous pump and 500 gallon tank.  The ’47 Ford was declared surplus property and sold after the arrival of the ’75 Chevrolet.

In 1981, the Iuka Fire Department moved to it’s present location at 118 S. Pearl Street.  In 1993, the city purchased a Custom E-ONE Protector Pumper with a 1,250 G.P.M. Hale pump and 750 gallon tank.  With this new purchase came the need for an addition to the Fire Station, so a two-bay facility was added to the existing building.  The firemen served as dispatchers for the police department until 1995, when the City hired police dispatchers.

After that, the firemen went to shifts of 24 hours on; 48 hours off.  During the year of 1997, the City purchased a second E-ONE/Freightliner Pumper with 1,250 G.P.M. Hale pump and 1,000 gallon tank.  After the arrival of this new Pumper, the ’71 Chevrolet was sold to Tishomingo County Fourth District and a 1998 Ford F-150 Chief Vehicle was purchased.  In 2002, the Department built offices, a training classroom and a Kitchen in the bay area that previously housed the ’71 Chevrolet truck.  The Fire Department currently staffs 5 full-time, 5-part-time, and 15 volunteer Firemen.  The Iuka Fire Department has an insurance rating of Class 7.